Bellevue World of Darkness

December 22th, 2011

Stupid Cultists Die Young - 1xp + 3 bonus XP

(Characters leveled up, 3 bonus XP assigned for end of last chapter)

The group heard of some mysterious deaths at a local occult book store. Going to investigate the scene, they found that the local police had already closed the case after a fairly cursory investigation. Doing their own detective work, it was quickly determined that summoning ancient demons, while piss drunk, is a very bad idea and tends to end with the death of all participates.

It was soon after that the police gave Caleb’s numbers to the parents of a girl who had reportedly survived the incident at the book store. She had sent a post card from a ranch that the group had previously heard of as being a retreat for ex-hunters. The ranch was only a few hours away and it was decided that it would only be a slight inconvenience to check up on the health of the daughter.



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