Bellevue World of Darkness

December 1st, 2011

The Human Side - 1xp

With their cows dead, the Hunters proceed to follow the other lead they have as to the monster’s activities.

One of the Hunters has word of drug users seemingly vanishing into thin air from their bedrooms, with claw marks being left behind that are characteristic of the creature seen on the Farm. Going to the location of the most recent known dissapearance, the Hunters find themselves at a run down farm house on the outskirts of Woodenville.

Here the Hunters found Caleb Reid, already on the trail of a teenage daughter from a nice family who had gone too far in her youthful rebellion. Talking to the other residents of the house revealed that the young lady had last been seen 2 weeks prior, and that was just not present one morning, although all her belongings were still there. Evidence consisted of claw marks in her bedroom matching those found at the farm, and a sphere of renewed plant life outside near a wooded area, also matching what had been observed previously.

The Hunters were able to find her ID, the only thing left in her wallet, and get in contact with her parents. A brief phone conversation seemed to hint that the girl had been returned to her family’s home, but the father seemed to be hiding something else.



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