Bellevue World of Darkness

December 22th, 2011
Stupid Cultists Die Young - 1xp + 3 bonus XP

(Characters leveled up, 3 bonus XP assigned for end of last chapter)

The group heard of some mysterious deaths at a local occult book store. Going to investigate the scene, they found that the local police had already closed the case after a fairly cursory investigation. Doing their own detective work, it was quickly determined that summoning ancient demons, while piss drunk, is a very bad idea and tends to end with the death of all participates.

It was soon after that the police gave Caleb’s numbers to the parents of a girl who had reportedly survived the incident at the book store. She had sent a post card from a ranch that the group had previously heard of as being a retreat for ex-hunters. The ranch was only a few hours away and it was decided that it would only be a slight inconvenience to check up on the health of the daughter.

December 15th, 2011
Not All is Good or Evil - 1xp

Knowing where and when the creature would appear, what it came down to now was preparation and waiting.

Finally, the moment arrived, prepped for battle and ready to fight, the hunters came across something startling: The creature asked why they were waiting for it, and why they had attacked it in the past.

Talking to it, the hunters learned it had been charged with protecting the earth and removing impurities in the area. Indeed the hunters had come across other evidence supporting this claim, evidence suggesting that creature had, all in all, saved many lives in the area as a by product of its actions. About the young lady it said that she had been suffering, crying at night for help and relief from her pain, and out of pity it had removed the impurities from her brain that the drugs had caused, but unfortunately its gift was only to remove, not to repair, and what was left of the woman after all that was damaged was removed was but a shell of a person.

The hunters argued fiercely amongst themselves. Were all monsters to be destroyed, or just those inimical to human life?

Here, a question was asked, and a promise given by the creature to never harm another human again, but, the debate did not die down. It was not good enough for some, they wanted the creature dead, gone, removed from the world, even if they were unsure that they would survive the attempt. Finally, a vote was taken.

The creature would live, now sworn to do humans no harm, to let them live their lives of suffering and pain and misery without escape.

December 8th, 2011
What Was Left Behind - 1xp

Going to the house of the young lady, the hunters found that while her body had indeed been returned to her family, there was little left of her mind. Comatose and unaware of anything, the hunters realized that the prey they hunted could indeed go after humans, with devastating results.

Soon after, the group realized that all the sittings of the creature had occurred within a well defined circle. Traveling to the center of this circle the hunters came across a Museum ran by a little old lady who seemed a bit eccentric and very obsessed with living a pure and clean life.

It did not take much force to collapse the poor old lady’s will, simple physical intimidation was enough. She soon told the Hunter’s all she knew of the creature, which other than where it appeared (right under the spot that the hunters stood upon that moment), and that she gave it information on places of “impurity” in the local area. What little mind she had left went to defending the spirit, which she claimed was a protective being that had actually saved many lives in the area by removing the damage that mankind had brought to the environment.

Having also gathered from her when the creature would appear next, the hunters starting preparing, even if they were not quite sure for what.

December 1st, 2011
The Human Side - 1xp

With their cows dead, the Hunters proceed to follow the other lead they have as to the monster’s activities.

One of the Hunters has word of drug users seemingly vanishing into thin air from their bedrooms, with claw marks being left behind that are characteristic of the creature seen on the Farm. Going to the location of the most recent known dissapearance, the Hunters find themselves at a run down farm house on the outskirts of Woodenville.

Here the Hunters found Caleb Reid, already on the trail of a teenage daughter from a nice family who had gone too far in her youthful rebellion. Talking to the other residents of the house revealed that the young lady had last been seen 2 weeks prior, and that was just not present one morning, although all her belongings were still there. Evidence consisted of claw marks in her bedroom matching those found at the farm, and a sphere of renewed plant life outside near a wooded area, also matching what had been observed previously.

The Hunters were able to find her ID, the only thing left in her wallet, and get in contact with her parents. A brief phone conversation seemed to hint that the girl had been returned to her family’s home, but the father seemed to be hiding something else.

November 17th, 2011
Monster Trapping and Ethics - 1xp - 7gxp

After further deductive investigation the Hunters realize that all the cows that have been killed so far come from the same Mexcian ranch. To attempt and lure the monster, the Hunters order more cattle from this ranch.

While the cattle are being shipped, the Hunters set up traps and pitfalls to hopefully capture and incapacitate the creature.

The night the cattle arrive, the hunters stay up and wait for the creature to show itself, and appear it does. The Hunters storm out of the house, guns drawn and bullets firing just as the creature finishes killing the newly acquired cattle.

As the hunters run at it, the creature runs off. Barely dodging the traps, the creature makes its way towards the woods.

All is seemingly going to plan when a shot from one of the hunters strikes the creature in the leg, and the creature vanishes. The area around where it vanished drained of life and vitality.

It was the next morning that the Hunters faced their first moral challenge: The news had word of a Mad Cow outbreak down in Mexico. All the cattle that the creature had killed had been purchased from one of the infected ranches.

November 10th, 2011
First Session - 1xp

The hunters met for the first time, coming together at a bar a rather drunk red neck told stories of a monsters eating his cattle. The hunter’s skepticism was somewhat tempored by the large claw marks present on this truck outside.

Investigations at the farm revealed dead cows and tracks of a monster. The tracks were followed to the nearby woods where they suddenly stopped. Astute Hunters noticed that the area surrounding where the tracks vanished was renewed and full of life.


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