Bellevue World of Darkness

November 17th, 2011

Monster Trapping and Ethics - 1xp - 7gxp

After further deductive investigation the Hunters realize that all the cows that have been killed so far come from the same Mexcian ranch. To attempt and lure the monster, the Hunters order more cattle from this ranch.

While the cattle are being shipped, the Hunters set up traps and pitfalls to hopefully capture and incapacitate the creature.

The night the cattle arrive, the hunters stay up and wait for the creature to show itself, and appear it does. The Hunters storm out of the house, guns drawn and bullets firing just as the creature finishes killing the newly acquired cattle.

As the hunters run at it, the creature runs off. Barely dodging the traps, the creature makes its way towards the woods.

All is seemingly going to plan when a shot from one of the hunters strikes the creature in the leg, and the creature vanishes. The area around where it vanished drained of life and vitality.

It was the next morning that the Hunters faced their first moral challenge: The news had word of a Mad Cow outbreak down in Mexico. All the cattle that the creature had killed had been purchased from one of the infected ranches.



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