Bellevue World of Darkness

December 8th, 2011

What Was Left Behind - 1xp

Going to the house of the young lady, the hunters found that while her body had indeed been returned to her family, there was little left of her mind. Comatose and unaware of anything, the hunters realized that the prey they hunted could indeed go after humans, with devastating results.

Soon after, the group realized that all the sittings of the creature had occurred within a well defined circle. Traveling to the center of this circle the hunters came across a Museum ran by a little old lady who seemed a bit eccentric and very obsessed with living a pure and clean life.

It did not take much force to collapse the poor old lady’s will, simple physical intimidation was enough. She soon told the Hunter’s all she knew of the creature, which other than where it appeared (right under the spot that the hunters stood upon that moment), and that she gave it information on places of “impurity” in the local area. What little mind she had left went to defending the spirit, which she claimed was a protective being that had actually saved many lives in the area by removing the damage that mankind had brought to the environment.

Having also gathered from her when the creature would appear next, the hunters starting preparing, even if they were not quite sure for what.



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