Bellevue World of Darkness

December 15th, 2011

Not All is Good or Evil - 1xp

Knowing where and when the creature would appear, what it came down to now was preparation and waiting.

Finally, the moment arrived, prepped for battle and ready to fight, the hunters came across something startling: The creature asked why they were waiting for it, and why they had attacked it in the past.

Talking to it, the hunters learned it had been charged with protecting the earth and removing impurities in the area. Indeed the hunters had come across other evidence supporting this claim, evidence suggesting that creature had, all in all, saved many lives in the area as a by product of its actions. About the young lady it said that she had been suffering, crying at night for help and relief from her pain, and out of pity it had removed the impurities from her brain that the drugs had caused, but unfortunately its gift was only to remove, not to repair, and what was left of the woman after all that was damaged was removed was but a shell of a person.

The hunters argued fiercely amongst themselves. Were all monsters to be destroyed, or just those inimical to human life?

Here, a question was asked, and a promise given by the creature to never harm another human again, but, the debate did not die down. It was not good enough for some, they wanted the creature dead, gone, removed from the world, even if they were unsure that they would survive the attempt. Finally, a vote was taken.

The creature would live, now sworn to do humans no harm, to let them live their lives of suffering and pain and misery without escape.



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